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We again have a very full issue of Pediatric Physical Therapy. Our articles represent many global contributors. There are three articles on measurement including clinical tests by Christensen and colleagues in the United States, a measurement tool for characterizing pediatric practice by Sonderer and colleagues, and a lifestyle questionnaire translated into Dutch from Laura Beckers and colleagues, both studies from the Netherlands. We all share the need for valid and reliable measures of the children we serve and for our clinical practice and research. Another shared goal is to better understand the extent and nature of our practice. In a comprehensive study of the Colorado Medicaid data, McManus and colleagues document therapy use and spending in their state. This retrospective study is critical now as health care is in flux, and we need comparison data for practice in the future. Ward and colleagues examine various delivery models including variations in setting and personnel.
We are making the transition for Case Reports to be in the online format. We continue with this issue and the next to publish case studies in print, but also expand our Case Reports by publishing more online. Issue 4 of 2017 will mark the last publication of Case Reports in the printed journal. I am hopeful that with this shift, more Case Reports will be available to you and more rapidly.
Another new feature introduced in this issue is the translation of abstracts into languages other than English. We are asking authors whose primary language is not English to submit a translation of their abstracts. These will appear as Supplemental Digital Content which can be accessed through a link at the end of the English language abstract.
I hope that some of you will be attending the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT; in Cape Town, South Africa, July 2-4, 2017. One of the groups within the WCPT is the International Organisation of Physical Therapists in Paediatrics (IOPTP;, and the current president is one of the Academy's past presidents, Sheree York. The IOPTP welcomes input from you at this important time in health care in our nation and across the world. This is another opportunity for your voice to be heard.
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