Therapy Use for Children With Developmental Conditions: Analysis of Colorado Medicaid Data

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Study Purpose:

To examine therapy use and spending for Medicaid-enrolled infants and toddlers with developmental conditions.


Sample infants and toddlers had a diagnosis (eg, cerebral palsy) or developmental delay (DD). Colorado Children's Medicaid administrative outpatient therapy claims (2006-2008) were used to estimate differences, by condition type and number of comorbid chronic conditions (CCCs), of any physical therapy (PT)/occupational therapy (OT) and Medicaid PT/OT spending.


The sample included 20 959 children. Children with at least 2 CCCs had higher odds of PT/OT than children with no CCC. Children with DD had 12-fold higher odds of having any PT/OT compared with children with diagnosis. Children with a DD and 2 CCCs had the highest PT/OT spending.


Medicaid PT/OT use and spending are higher for children with more CCCs and those with DD because children with DD receive more specialized PT/OT.

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