Evidence-Based Medicine: The Bilateral Cleft Lip Repair

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Learning Objectives:

After reading this article, the participant should be able to: 1. Understand the epidemiology, abnormal embryology, anatomy, and etiopathogenesis of cleft lip. 2. Be able to classify and describe bilateral cleft lip. 3. Recognize the importance of preoperative management of bilateral cleft lip. 4. Recognize the large breadth of differing management options. 5. Describe key steps and tenets of the surgical repair.


This fourth Maintenance of Certification/Continuing Medical Education article on cleft lip focuses on the topic of bilateral cleft lip. Previous articles placed an emphasis on the unilateral cleft lip, velopharyngeal insufficiency, or cleft lip and palate management. The authors focus on summarizing key points from previous articles and describing the importance of preoperative management and surgical repair of the bilateral cleft lip.

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