High Tibial Osteotomy following Biologic Replacement of the Knee

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Biologic unicondylar replacement with fresh osteoarticular allografts of the femoral condyle and tibial plateau plus a meniscus transplant provides an option for young or active patients with severe articular cartilage loss. The timing of osteotomy procedures to correct malalignment either before, concurrent, or after allograft implantation has become an area of research interest. Concurrent osteotomies and allograft transplantation have become increasingly popular due to the decreased patient morbidity from multiple surgeries that require a period of toe-touch weight bearing (TTWB) postoperatively. We discuss here our techniques for correcting malalignment, which concurrently repair major bipolar knee lesions while transplanting the meniscus. We prefer to perform a simultaneous biologic unicondylar replacement with an osteotomy, if needed. Weight bearing alignment radiographs should be obtained 6 weeks following surgery to confirm the intraoperative findings that were obtained using fluoroscopy and the alignment rod. If malalignment persists and the biologic grafts are overloaded, a staged osteotomy should be performed as soon as possible.

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