Nasal Septal Deformity in Relation to the Mode of Delivery

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The aim of this study was to find the relation between mode of delivery and the types of septal deviation.

Materials and Methods:

Records of patients treated for a deviated nasal septum from March 2003 to October 2015 were reviewed. Those with previous facial trauma were excluded. Information retrieved included basic demographic data, mode of delivery, sibling birthing order, type and date of surgery, and postoperational outcomes.


A total of 130 records were recovered. According to Guyuron's classification of nasal septal deviation, we found that type 5 was the most common type for patients delivered normally, whereas type 2 was the most common type for those who were delivered by cesarean section.


Mode of delivery may be related to a certain type of deviation. However, studies with larger samples are required to support the finding in our study.

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