Lipidomics in translational research and the clinical significance of lipid-based biomarkers

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Lipidomics is a rapidly developing field of study that focuses on the identification and quantitation of various lipid species in the lipidome. Lipidomics has now emerged in the forefront of scientific research due to the importance of lipids in metabolism, cancer, and disease. Using both targeted and untargeted mass spectrometry as a tool for analysis, progress in the field has rapidly progressed in the last decade. Having the ability to assess these small molecules in vivo has led to better understanding of several lipid-driven mechanisms and the identification of lipid-based biomarkers in neurodegenerative disease, cancer, sepsis, wound healing, and pre-eclampsia. Biomarker identification and mechanistic understanding of specific lipid pathways linked to a disease's pathologies can form the foundation in the development of novel therapeutics in hopes of curing human disease.

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