Lead substances selection using GHS approach for the classification of mixtures: Case study of painting in the work environment

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We developed a lead substances selection approach based on the concept of mixture classification of UN GHS for the purpose of efficient risk assessment of mixtures consisting of multiple components. Lead substances selection methods are being actively developed in Europe, but these methods are predicated on the regulations and information sources available within Europe and are therefore not readily applicable to countries outside Europe. In this study, the features of the GHS-based approach and the risk assessment results for outdoor painting work as a specific utilization example of the GHS-based approach were described. Comparison with the DPD + method and the CCA method proposed in Europe revealed that the GHS-based approach resulted in the selection of the safest lead substances. The GHS method, like the DPD + method, is a classification-based approach. We believe that a classification-based approach based on the GHS method can be an appropriate tool to efficiently implement risk assessment of mixtures for countries outside Europe. Some tools for business operators to conduct the management of chemicals using the GHS classification have been established in Japan. We plan to propose the GHS-based approach as a standardized assessment tool.

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