Characterization of nanoparticles doped composites using ultrasound

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The aim of this work is the non-destructive automatic mechanical characterization of nanoparticles doped composites using ultrasound in order to understand and control the dispersion of the dopant nanoparticles in the final product. We present a method which is able to measure the elastic constants of composites (Youngs, Bulk, Shear Modulus and Poissons ratio), in addition to other parameters as density, sound velocity and thickness, providing information of the nanoparticles dispersion in the samples. All results are obtained with a single ultrasonic measure at each point of the samples’ surface in an immersion setup with both pulse-echo and through-transmission measurements simultaneously, obtaining detailed information for all the samples’ surface in a XY scanning. All the analysis is performed automatically, that is, no manual correction or adjustment is needed at any stage of the process. To validate the results, a polyester based resin has been analyzed with different concentrations of graphene nanoparticles as dopant. The method has shown to be very accurate and reliable. The resolution of the values obtained for the elastic constants is limited by the resolution in the velocities measurements, for which we have achieved a resolution in the order of cm/s, thus providing very accurate measurements of the elastic constants.

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