Selective Localized Tenonplasty for Corneal Burns Based on the Findings of Ocular Surface Fluorescein Angiography

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To report the results of a selective localized tenonplasty procedure based on findings of ocular surface fluorescein angiography (FA).


Six consecutive patients with severe chemical burns were included in this study. Using fluorescein angiogram images, patients underwent selective localized tenonplasty to cover the identified ischemic areas in FA.


FA 1 week after surgery showed a perfused ocular surface in all eyes except for 1 quadrant of limbal ischemia in 1 eye. After the second tenonplasty, recirculation was also detected in that quadrant. None of the eyes perforated during the follow-up period.


We observed acceptable outcomes in our patients after selective tenonplasty based on ocular surface angiography.

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