Right femoral pathological fracture caused by primary bone epithelioid angiosarcoma: Case report

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Epithelioid angiosarcoma (EAS) is an extremely rare malignant disease, which accounts no more than 1% of all soft tissue sarcomas. In this article, we would report a new case of EAS with multiple bone destruction and right femoral pathological fracture, which was an even rarer manifestation of EAS.

Patient concerns:

In this case, a 64-year-old man with right femoral fracture was reported. He had suffered from a progressive low back pain for about 8 months, and the imaging examinations prompted a multiple bone destruction in his vertebra and lower limbs. He then got a right femoral fracture without any obvious traumatic injury, and came to our hospital.


He underwent an operation of radical resection, bone cement filling and dynamic condylar screw internal fixation. During the operation, we found that the soft tissue around the fracture had a rotten fish change, which suggested a malignant disease.


The postoperative pathological diagnosis reported an EAS, which is extremely rare and highly malignant.


The patient died in 83 days after the surgery, and the survival time from the symptoms started to the end was only 11 months, which showed a rapid progress and poor prognosis of EAS.


EAS is very hard to be diagnosed by clinical manifestation or radiological examinations. As in our case, pathological analysis is the final diagnosis. The images of the patient may offer some tips for the skeletal presentation of EAS, and do more help in future study of this disease.

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