Millennials in the Association for Nursing Professional Development: Out of Place or the Perfect Fit?

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What do you think when you hear someone being referred to as a millennial? According to a quick online search, there are some common themes. Millennials are assumed to set the bar too high; have a sense of entitlement; be lazy; work to live, instead of live to work; be compulsive job hoppers; and have little value for the experience of others.
Now to be honest, I am 30 years old, and I am a millennial. I opted for an accelerated nursing program to become a registered nurse and earn a Master’s degree. I have made significant career changes every 18 months since I entered the nursing profession 5 years ago, and I do find myself to be impatient sometimes. Yet, all the choices I have made were to follow my passion to impact more people: patients and nurses alike. My goal is to support and prepare nurses, who in turn provide exceptional care for patients.
The descriptors of millennials frustrate me because they can be used to judge others’ intent and work ethic based solely on age. I absolutely believe that a generation does have common traits. However, I have found that it is because of these traits millennials bring a unique and different perspective and an intense passion to the healthcare mission. I have been fortunate in my short career, having been surrounded by amazing mentors, given many opportunities, and taken supported risks with varying degrees of success, all while trying to stay true to what drew me to nursing in the first place. The people and culture within the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD) help keep me focused and passionate about what I do, pushing me to become better every day. I hope that other millennials, like me, are drawn to this organization and choose to be engaged in the process of shaping nursing and health care through the practice of and advocacy for the specialty of nursing professional development (NPD).
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