The PII Solution to Mental Healthcare Delivery: Prevention, Intervention, and Integration

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In this essay, the author proposes a new, integrated model for mental healthcare delivery called the PII solution, which builds on the successes of federal government programs and state initiatives. The PII solution includes prevention, intervention, and integration. As a community-centered approach, PII leverages existing programs in concert with new approaches to meet the diverse needs of patients with the spectrum of mental health disorders, from low risk to high risk. The PII solution can be applied to any subgroup in society to create a comprehensive plan to combat mental illness. In this essay, the author uses the PII solution to (a) build upon public–private partnership initiatives that have reduced emergency department utilization and costs for behavioral health patients, (b) improve law enforcement’s proficiency in identifying and deescalating situations involving potentially violent individuals with a serious mental illness, and (c) advocate for increased social responsibility of providers to ensure that mentally ill patients are receiving the right care in the right setting.

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