Pharmaceutical aspects of salt and cocrystal forms of APIs and characterization challenges

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In recent years many efforts have been devoted to the screening and the study of new solid-state forms of old active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with salification or co-crystallization processes, thus modulating final properties without changing the pharmacological nature. Salts, hydrates/solvates, and cocrystals are the common solid-state forms employed. They offer the intriguing possibility of exploring different pharmaceutical properties for a single API in the quest of enhancing the final drug product. New synthetic strategies and advanced characterization techniques have been recently proposed in this hot topic for pharmaceutical companies. This paper reviews the recent progresses in the field particularly focusing on the characterization challenges encountered when the nature of the solid-state form must be determined. The aim of this article is to offer the state-of-the-art on this subject in order to develop new insights and to promote cooperative efforts in the fascinating field of API salt and cocrystal forms.

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