Employer and Promoter Perspectives on the Quality of Health Promotion Within the Healthy Workplace Accreditation

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To explore the employers’ and promoters’ perspective of health promotion quality according to the healthy workplace accreditation.


We assessed the perspectives of 85 employers and 81 health promoters regarding the quality of health promotion at their workplaces. The method of measurement referenced the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion (ENWHP) quality criteria.


In the large workplaces, the accredited corporation employers had a higher impression (P < 0.001) of all criteria. The small–medium accredited workplace employers had a slightly higher perspective than non-accredited ones. Nevertheless, there were no differences between the perspectives of health promoters from different sized workplaces with or without accreditation (P > 0.05).


It seems that employers’ perspectives of healthy workplace accreditation surpassed employers from non-accredited workplaces. Specifically, large accredited corporations could share their successful experiences to encourage a more involved workplace in small–medium workplaces.

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