Reconstructive Operation of Nonsyndromic Multiple-Suture Craniosynostosis Based on Precise Virtual Plan and Prefabricated Template

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This report presents a case of a 4-year-old girl suffering from multiple-suture nonsyndromic craniosynostosis. The patient is characterized with fronto-orbital malformation and poor visual acuity. The preoperational three-dimensional computed tomography scan showed premature closure of the sagittal suture, bilateral coronal, and lambdoidal suture. The virtual surgical planning was performed before operation for the reposition of bone segments and communication with the patient's family. The navigational plate for reshaping was made based on the surgical plan with three-dimensional printed model. Both visual acuity and the fronto-orbital morphology were improved at 1 year follow-up. The authors believed that multiple-suture nonsyndromic craniosynostosis should be treated as early as possible to protect the brain and eyes. It can improve the safety and precision of the treatment using the virtual surgical planning and prefabricated surgical template.

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