An Addition to the Technical Skills Assessment Toolbox

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To the Editor:
As researchers in assessment, we enjoyed reading the review by Ghaderi et al1 about technical skills assessment tools. To progress in surgical education research, it is crucial to use a unitary framework of validity as described in their article. However, their article does not describe the search strategy used, the process for selecting studies, or the search dates.2 Thereby, it is not transparent whether some assessment tools were missed in their literature search, and it is not possible to replicate the search and update the toolbox in the future. Urethral catheterization skills were one of the core surgical competencies in which no assessment tool was identified in their review of the technical skills assessment tools.3 However, an assessment tool of urethral catheterization skills has been published recently,4 and validity evidence about the content (blueprint created by experts and educators in the skill), internal structure (interrater reliability), and its relationship to other variables (assessment scores and level of training) were explored according to Messick's terminology. Surgical educators and researchers can take advantage of the work in this study and add an extra tool to their technical skills assessment toolbox.1 Other assessment tools may also be missing in the toolbox.
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