Examining the Relationship Between Symptomatic Burden and Self-reported Productivity Losses Among Patients With Uterine Fibroids in the United States

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To evaluate the impact of uterine fibroid symptoms on employment and household productivity.


An online survey of US women between 18 and 54 was conducted. Productivity was assessed using the health related productivity questionnaire (HRPQ). Descriptive statistics and logistic multivariable regressions examined the relationship between uterine fibroids (UF) symptom experience and employment and household productivity.


Of 1365 eligible women, 873 (64.0%) were employed. Women lost an average of 0.8 hours to employment-related absenteeism and 4.4 hours due to employment-related presenteeism for 5.1 hours of employment productivity lost/week. Women lost an average of 1.4 hours due to household-related absenteeism and 1.6 hours due to household-related presenteeism for a total of 3.0 hours of household lost productivity. Productivity losses increased with increases in symptom burden.


UF has a substantial impact on employment-related and household-related productivity.

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