Carbon Dioxide Insufflation During Endoscopic Pancreatic Function Tests Does Not Alter Duodenal Aspirate Bicarbonate Concentrations

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To the Editor:
Pancreatic function tests (PFTs) are a means of assessing pancreatic exocrine function, and endoscopic PFT (ePFT) is a validated method that may be performed together with endoscopic ultrasound to obtain both imaging and functional assessment of the pancreas.1,2 Insufflation of the gut lumen is necessary during ePFT, and carbon dioxide (CO2) insufflation may be desirable as it lessens patient discomfort associated with this relatively lengthy endoscopic procedure.3 However, the impact of CO2 insufflation on bicarbonate (HCO3) levels of endoscopically collected duodenal aspirates is unknown.
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