Optimizing dietary patterns to decrease premature mortality

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Recent literature demonstrates continued interest in the relationship between dietary patterns and morbidity [1▪,2], all-cause mortality [3,4▪▪,5▪▪,6], and cause-specific mortality [4▪▪,6]. Of particular value are reports with mortality end points providing comparative data for multiple dietary patterns associated with health benefits, including Mediterranean-like dietary patterns [1▪,3,4▪▪,5▪▪], a dietary pattern relatively concordant with the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet [5▪▪], a dietary pattern relatively concordant with a Healthy Nordic Diet [3], and a dietary pattern relatively consistent with a Paleolithic diet [4▪▪]. Of these, a report concerning a Paleolithic-like dietary pattern [4▪▪] provides the greatest incremental information, as previous literature lacked information for the relationship between that dietary pattern and mortality.
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