Reconstruction of Facial-Cervical Scars With Pedicled Expanded Deltopectoral Flap

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The facial-cervical scars bring the suffering to the patients both physically and mentally. Choosing a proper donor soft tissue is always one of the critical issues, especially to Asian patients. Among the common used donor sites, the deltopectoral site was conceived as the most suitable donor tissue for the reconstruction in face and neck for its adjacent site and match in color and texture. There were 220 patients with facial-cervical scars reconstructed by the pedicled expanded deltopectoral flap between 2007 through 2015 in the authors’ hospital. There are 4 stages, including tissue expansion, flap pedicled transfer, pedicle delaying, and pedicle division, for the reconstruction of the facial-cervical scars using the pedicled expanded deltopectoral flap. Good skin compliance, normal contours, and emotional expression were noted in all the patients after the reconstruction. However, there were complications including expander exposure, stretch marks, flap tip necrosis, and mild postoperative hypertrophic scars. The unpleasant skin wound or color caused by the complications was repaired by further treatments such as skin grafting and laser. In conclusion, the pedicled expanded deltopectoral flap is a reliable and excellent option for the reconstruction of the facial-cervical scars.

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