Treatment Options for Failing Regenerative Endodontic Procedures: Report of 3 Cases

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Regenerative treatments in necrotic immature teeth are suggested as alternatives to conventional multiple or single-step apexification procedures. Although case reports and case series provide promising results, the treatment protocol is not yet fully established and regenerative procedure might fail. Once failure is encountered, the apexification treatment options still remain.


Repetition of the regenerative procedure after initial revitalization failure has not been suggested yet. Here, 3 cases of failing regenerative endodontic procedures are reported. All 3 cases had been initially treated by single-step disinfection/revascularization procedures. In different time intervals, all cases showed signs of recurrent disease. The first case was managed with renegotiation and apical mineral trioxide aggregate plug placement; the second case was managed with renegotiation and conventional root canal treatment; and the third case was managed with renegotiation, long-term calcium hydroxide disinfection, and repetition of the regenerative endodontic procedure.


Two years after the second intervention, all cases were considered successful.


Repetition of failed regenerative treatment procedures might be a viable alternative to conventional apexification procedures.

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