Pulmonary pleomorphic carcinoma: A case report and review of the literature

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Pleomorphic carcinoma (PC) is a rare malignancy of the lung. It has a dual-cell component of spindle and/or giant cells, and of epithelial cells.

Patient Concerns and Diagnoses:

We presented a case of PC. A 69-year-old healthy asymptomatic woman who was occasionally found an abnormal shadow on her chest X-rays. A computerized tomography scan showed a mass located in the left lingular lobe and the percutaneous lung biopsy pathology confirmed sarcomatoid cancer.

Interventions and Outcomes:

The patient underwent pneumonectomy. A diagnosis of PC was confirmed after surgery through immunohistochemistry. The pathological stage was T2aN0M0 (Ib). Due to the patient's refusal, adjuvant chemotherapy was not taken and she has been living disease free for 12 months after the surgery.


PC of the lung represents a rare pathological entity. Surgical resection remains the cornerstone of the treatment and may offer the possibility of long-time survival in early-stage patients. More cases of PC should be reported to establish an optimal management.

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