Validation of the 3-min all-out exercise test for shuttle running prescription

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A 3-min all-out exercise test (3MT) for running has been developed to determine critical speed (CS) and finite capacity for running speeds >CS (D’) which allow for the prediction of time limits (TLIMs) associated with running different distances. Most team sports require shuttle running; however, the 3MT was validated for uninterrupted, track running and not shuttle running. The purpose of this study was to examine the efficacy of shuttle running 3MT to determine critical speed (CS) and D'. A total of 12 subjects were tested using a baseline 3MT along with three separate distance time-trials of all-out shuttle running to determine true CS and D’. The 3MT (2.94 ± 0.39 m·s-1) and the true CS (3.00 ± 0.36 m·s-1) for shuttle running did not differ (p = 0.71) and had a coefficient of variation (CV) of 7.7%. Conversely, D’ from the 3MT exceeded true D’ by 42 m (p = 0.04, CV = 36%). The TLIMs estimated for the 3 different distances were within ∼2 to 6% (p = 0.60). Based on these outcomes, the shuttle run 3MT may offer a suitable method for prescribing shuttle running interval training.

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