Simple Preoperative Ink Test as a Novel Adjunct to Intrastromal Keratopigmentation for Post-laser Peripheral Iridotomy Dysphotopsias

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To describe a simple preoperative ink test as a novel adjunct to intrastromal keratopigmentation for post-laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) dysphotopsias.


A surgical marking pen is applied to the area over a peripheral iridotomy before intrastromal keratopigmentation. The patient can then assess whether there is any improvement in their symptoms of dysphotopsias. Manual intrastromal keratopigmentation can then be performed using a crescent blade into the clear cornea at 50% depth and tunneled centrally to create a pocket ensuring that the peripheral iridotomy is fully occluded. The crescent blade is coated with an alcohol-based commercially available black tattoo pigment, and the pocket is filled.


We have used the preoperative ink marker test on 5 eyes in patients with post-LPI (4 temporal and 1 superior) dysphotopsias before performing intrastromal keratopigmentation, with good patient satisfaction. Patients report immediate symptomatic relief after the procedure. This ink marking technique can also be extended to help identify which iris defect is symptomatic in patients with multiple iris defects.


The preoperative ink test before intrastromal keratopigmentation is a novel adjunct to the treatment of post-LPI dysphotopsias.

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