Clinical Nurse Consultant Support: Management of patients with melanoma receiving immunotherapy and targeted therapy

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Targeted therapy and immunotherapy agents for advanced melanoma are associated with novel toxicities. Melanoma clinical nurse consultants (CNCs) provide multifaceted clinical care.


The objective was to evaluate the type of support, excluding clinic and inpatient care, provided by CNCs for patients not enrolled in a clinical trial.


A prospective review of CNC support provided during a 12-week period was conducted.


From May to August 2015, 105 patients attended clinic, and 72 received CNC support. Initial patient encounters with CNCs were documented (n = 150), as well as additional interactions (n = 291). The most common problem identified per initial encounter was symptom/drug toxicity. The most common therapy-related concern was related to anti-programmed cell death protein 1 immunotherapy and BRAF plus MEK inhibition. CNC interventions commonly involved clinical advice and counseling and care coordination.

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