Married to Medical School? How to Maintain Relationships as a Medical Student

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Medical school is a period of great challenge and immense personal growth. Throughout the journey of formal academic training we would do well to strengthen and fortify the most important aspect of our lives: relationships with those we love. For those in medical school, maintaining these relationships is a key to overall wellness.1
Anecdotal evidence suggests current and prospective students believe the demands of medical school are not conducive to a romantic relationship. For example, an applicant recently shared with me his concern that his current relationship would not last if he were accepted to medical school. Such a belief is an indictment of our profession.
In the middle of my first year of school, I married my beautiful wife. It was the crowning event of the most significant relationship in my life. I assert it is possible to successfully meet the demands of your training while still being able to nurture a meaningful relationship.
Here are some keys that have helped me maintain a successful relationship as a medical student.
Academic and career-related pursuits may dominate our time, but being a medical student should not define every aspect of our lives. Maintaining a relationship is key to overall wellness and essential for maintaining a crucial support system during the rigors of medical school. If you have an important relationship, keep the flame burning.
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