Localized nasopharyngeal amyloidosis mimicking malignancy: A case report

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Nasopharyngeal amyloidosis is a benign, slowly progressive disease that is characterized by extracellular eosinophilic deposition.

Patient Concerns:

We report a rare case of localized nasopharyngeal amyloidosis.


The initial chief complaint of this patient was frequent epistaxis and right aural fullness. The initial diagnosis was nasopharyngeal tumor.


There is no universally effective medical treatment for nasopharyngeal amyloidosis but surgery can be an option. We performed careful observation with regular follow-up by nasopharyngoscopy and radiologic study.


The patient reported no further complaints at 1-year follow-up and the lesion from nasopharyngeal amyloidosis was still present.


Although it is rare, nasopharyngeal amyloidosis should be considered in the differential diagnosis of epistaxis, nasal obstruction, and otitis media with effusion, which are the main symptoms of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. In the absence of systemic disease, localized nasopharyngeal amyloidosis may be treated conservatively.

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