Behavioral health: A natural nursing fit

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Nurses care for the whole person. Incorporating body, mind, and spirit into clinical management isn't only altruistic, it's also necessary. Nurses can offer an integrated approach to their care plan to enhance healing. Age-old concepts and techniques, such as compassion, consciousness, communication, and insight, are familiar approaches that create positive and predictable patient outcomes.1 Humanizing care in this way builds patient resilience. Nurses are prepared to meet the multifaceted needs of their patients and build connections across health settings through behavioral health.2
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration views behavioral health as essential to overall health and promotes positive choices and actions that affect mental and emotional wellness.3 Behavioral health concerns encompass a range of problems, including mental illnesses, substance misuse and abuse, suicide, and serious psychologic distress. The versatility routinely demanded by nursing prepares nurses well for moving into this field.
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