A 4 and a half years old boy with mesenchymal hamartomas in the left lateral lobe of the liver: A case report and literature review

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Mesenchymal hamartomas of the liver is one type of rare liver tumor.

Patient concerns:

Mesenchymal hamartomas of the liver (MHL) is rarely reported in the left lobe of the liver in children who are more than 2 years old. It is difficult to distinguish it from liver lesions such as hepatoblastoma in children, and hepatocellular carcinoma and focal nodular hyperplasia in adults. In addition, it is hard to correctly diagnose it without pathological examination.


Mesenchymal hamartomas of the liver.


This patient underwent an operation assisted by the Da Vinci surgical system and the tumor was completely resected.


No tumor recurrence or metastasis was observed 14 months after operation.


MHL is a benign tumor that is difficult to diagnose due to the lack of specific clinical symptoms and signs. The management of MHL remains controversial. To achieve a good long-term outcome, complete resection of MHL is recommended.

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