Duodenum-derived fibromatosis that invaded the muscular layer of intestinal wall: A rare case report

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Rationale: Intraabdominal fibromatosis is a rare benign tumor that often affects the mesentery or retroperitoneum, and can infiltrate adjacent organs. However, it is rare for fibromatosis to arise from the small intestinal wall.

Patient concerns:

A 27-year-old female with a tangible abdominal tumor is described.


The computed tomography (CT) scan revealed a 7.5 cm, small intestine-associated tumor in the right abdomen.


The patient received tumor resection and intestinal anastomosis.


Further pathological examination confirmed the tumor as a duodenal fibromatosis that infiltrated the intestinal wall. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a duodenum-derived fibromatosis that invaded the muscular layer of the intestine.


Our study demonstrated that an unexplained abdominal mass should be noteworthy and properly treated.

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