Characterization of resolution, sensitivity, and shielding of a gamma-probe for sentinel lymph node localization: an experimental study

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The aim of this study was to evaluate angular, spatial, and energy resolution, sensitivity, and shielding of a gamma-probe.

Materials and methods

The EUROPROBE II gamma-probe (EuroRad) with sources of technetium-99m was assessed according to NEMA NU-3-2004. Resolution tests were evaluated considering the full width at half maximum (FWHM). The following parameters were evaluated: angular resolution in air, spatial resolution with a scattering medium and in air, energy resolution, and sensitivity and shielding. The collimator was used to evaluate angular and spatial resolution, sensitivity, and shielding. Background radiation was considered and did not affect the counts.


FWHM of angular resolution (at 3/30 cm) was 39.17°/33.13° with the collimator and 74.08°/71.51° without the collimator; FWHM of spatial resolution in air at 10 mm was 13.32 mm with the collimator and 21.23 mm without the collimator. Energy resolution (%FWHM) was 20.51%. Sensitivity at 10 mm was 4.642±5 cps/MBq without the collimator and 1.063±2 cps/MBq with the collimator; shielding effectiveness of the probe tip was 99.52%. Background was not relevant to the counts.


We showed that the collimator improved angular and spatial resolution to the detriment of sensitivity. Feasible results of energy resolution, sensitivity, and shielding were achieved.

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