Reduction in Operating Room Plasma Waste After Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Initiative

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Anesthesiologists request units of plasma in anticipation of transfusion. The amount of plasma transfused intraoperatively is less than that issued (requested, thawed, and sent). We presented institutional-specific data on plasma usage including anesthesiologist-specific ratios of plasma issued-to-transfused. In month-to-month comparisons from the year before the presentation (June–December 2015) to 7 months after (June–December 2016), plasma issued to the operating room was reduced from 434.9 ± 81 to 327.3 ± 65 units, a change of 107.6 units per month (95% confidence interval [CI], 22–193); plasma discarded by the blood bank was reduced from 109.7 ± 48 units to 69.1 ± 9 units, a change of 40.6 units per month (95% CI, 0.2–81); and plasma transfused went from 188.4 ± 42 units to 160.7 ± 52 units, a nonsignificant change of 27.7 units per month (95% CI, −27 to 83).

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