Measuring Resilience in Two Generations: Psychometric Properties of Available Instruments

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Background and Purpose: This study examines measures of resilience to identify the best available measure for future research to assess efficacy of a low-cost intervention that enhances resilience of older adults and youth (i.e., intergenerational transfer of ethnic culture). Methods: Scanning the literature produced no obvious choice; 3 measures showed promise: the Wagnild-Young Resilience Scale, Windle-Markland-Woods Psychological Resilience Scale, and the Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale (CD-RISC); 200 ethnicity-alike older adults and 192 youths completed all three scales. Results: Factor analyses interpreted in consultation with a panel of community advisers showed no measure was statistically robust. The CD-RISC had acceptable reliability and a conceptually interpretable structure. Conclusions: Results suggest the CD-RISC, supplemented by qualitative input, provides a way forward for research on efficacy of intergenerational interventions.

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