Development and Testing of the Collaboration in the Clinical Learning Environment Tool

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Background and Purpose: This study was done to develop and psychometrically test the Collaboration in the Clinical Learning Environment (CCLE) tool. The researcher acknowledged 2 distinct populations that required input into this particular tool development: staff nurses and nursing faculty members. Both have influence into student learning. Methods: Research followed the 8-step methodology for tool development as defined by DeVellis. Results: Reliability testing was done on the 24-item CCLE, which confirmed a Cronbach's alpha of .96. Exploratory factor analysis with principal component factor analysis was done to examine the structure of the instrument. Validity was supported through the content expert review, along with concurrent validity. Conclusions: Although collaboration has been emphasized for many years in the clinical learning environment, the construct has never been successfully operationalized. Implications for nursing education, practice, and theory are discussed.

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