Reconstruction of full-thickness buccal defects with folded radial forearm flaps: A retrospective clinical study

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Our goal was to describe our experience of the folded radial forearm flap (RFF) flap in through-and-through buccal defect reconstructions.

Patients who had received a folded RFF flap for full-thickness cheek defect reconstruction were included. The flap success rate and functional results were evaluated.

Six patients were enrolled. All flaps survived totally without any complication; the mean flap size was 75.5 (range 32–135) cm2. The mean mouth-open width was 4.2 (range 3.5–4.7) cm at 6 months after operation. All patients were satisfied with the appearance and were capable of maintaining a regular oral diet, and no patients complained of an inability to eat in a public setting, microstomia, or drooling.

Radial forearm flap was a reliable method for through-and-through buccal reconstruction with high success rate and good functional result.

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