Myoepithelioma of Soft Tissue With Both Squamous and Adipocytic Metaplasia

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Soft tissue, or cutaneous, myoepitheliomas are rare tumors arising solely from a myoepithelial origin. These neoplasms are typically associated with uncertain differentiation and can contain cellular morphologies that include spindle, plasmacytoid, epithelioid, or clear cell forms. Soft tissue myoepitheliomas are commonly found on the lower limbs and in the pelvic girdle but can occur throughout the body. A small minority display heterogenous differentiation, typically osseous or cartilaginous in nature. Squamous and adipocytic cell types are much rarer. We report the case of myoepithelioma of soft tissue with both squamous and adipocytic metaplasia. In the largest myoepithelioma series of 101 soft tissue myoepitheliomas, there were only 2 cases of squamous metaplasia and 1 case of adipocytic metaplasia. Our case displays the unique occurrence of 2 rare histologic findings occurring simultaneously within an already uncommon neoplasm.

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