2016 European Conference on Donor Health and Management

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The second European Conference on Donor Health and Management (ECDHM) was held in Cambridge from July 13 to 15 2016 and was co‐sponsored by National Health Service Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) and the University of Cambridge. Following on from the first conference in 2014, ECDHM serves as a platform to share knowledge regarding developments in the fields of donor health and management. Both fields of research have expanded rapidly in the last few years as blood donation organisations address the scarcity of knowledge, not only about the health consequences of blood and organ donation, but also about trying to develop optimal management strategies for maintaining healthy and satisfied donor populations.
This second conference had a series of plenary talks in themed sessions on the future trends in transfusion medicine and donors, a series of parallel sessions – organised around three main themes and covering genetics and biomarkers, behavioural studies and the investigation of blood donor outcomes and risks – and a final symposium with the best submissions of original work. Ian Trenholm from NHSBT gave an insightful and exciting talk that highlighted how new technology could be applied to donor care and transfusion donor care (Trenholm, 2017).
This overview presents a summary of selected research topics for the major sessions and each of the three themes that ran through the conference programme.
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