Immediate breast reconstruction with omental flap for luminal breast cancer patients: Ten clinical case reports

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Luminal subtype breast cancer, accounting for 70 to 80% of all breast cancers, has been reported to be associated with good prognosis. However, for the patients with large mass or worse mass position, omental flap transplantation may provide a new option for breast reconstruction.

Patient concerns:

Ten patients (6 luminal B1, 2 luminal B2, 2 luminal A), were enrolled into the study, between January 23, 2015 and August 22, 2016. The mean age was 34.6 ± 6.96 (24-44) years old. Immunohistochemistry demonstrated that the tumor cells were positive for estrogen receptor and progestrone receptor.


According to the clinicopathological features, diagnosis of breast cancer patients were made.


Breast-conserving surgery, laparoscopic greater omentum harvest and vascular anas-tomosis were carried out orderly. Postoperative operative results, cosmetic outcomes, complications, as well as blood supply were investigated for surgery evaluation. Reasonable chemotherapy and irradia-tion were adopted to patients according to the pathological condition.


We successfully accomplished breast reconstruction by omental flap transplantation, ex-cept one failed case because of the necrosis of omentum and changed to fat transplantation. The volumes and symmetry of breasts were all satisfied. The blood supply was detected to be fluent. Only one case of slight hematoma and another case of one distant metastasis were observed during fol-low-up period. No arm mordities or arm movement restriction occurred after surgery. Moreover, radia-tion therapy and chemotherapy had no clear effects on the reconstructed breast.


Immediate breast reconstruction surgery by transplanting omental flap for luminal breast cancer patients can be considered successful based on the excellent clinic outcome.

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