New model of vincristine-induced neuropathic pain in children: a first step towards prediction and prevention

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It is an unfortunate fact of life that our understanding of paediatric neuropathic pain lags behind that of adults, despite clear evidence of clinical need.5,7,14 One important source of such pain is vincristine, a vinca alkaloid commonly used to treat paediatric cancers, which causes substantial neurotoxicity and neuropathic pain. Although peripheral neuropathy is a well-recognized side effect of vincristine therapy, the incidence, severity, and the long-term consequences of vincristine-induced neuropathy (VIPN) on the quality of life in children are not well understood.10 This knowledge gap is partly because of the lack of accepted and clinically feasible assessment tools in pediatric populations but is also because of the lack of a biological mechanistic understanding of how VIPN pain is generated and maintained in children.

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