Total endovascular treatment for extent type 1 and 5 thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms

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The study objective was to describe the results of thoracic endovascular aortic repair with the intentional coverage of the celiac artery and distal supramesenteric landing zone for extent type 1 and type 5 thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms.


Inclusion criteria were thoracic endovascular aortic repair with celiac artery coverage to treat elective or urgent extent type 1 and 5 thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms. Primary end points were in-hospital and follow-up survival, freedom from aortic-related mortality, and freedom from reintervention.


Thoracoabdominal disease extent was type 1 in 12 patients (71%) and type 5 in 5 patients (29%). Urgent repair was performed in 4 patients (23.5%). Primary technical success was 100%. Early mortality and visceral ischemia did not occur. Permanent spinal cord ischemia rate was 6% (n = 1). Follow-up ranged from 3 to 120 months (interquartile range, 12-36.5). Survival estimate was 85% ± 9% (95% confidence interval, 67-94) at 1 year and 49% ± 17% (95% confidence interval, 21-78) at 5 years. Cumulative freedom from aortic-related mortality was 94%, and estimated freedom from reintervention at 1 and 5 years was 93% ± 7% (95% confidence interval, 68-99). Neither type 1 endoleaks nor distal stent-graft migration causing superior mesenteric artery occlusion was detected.


Thoracic endovascular aortic repair with intentional coverage of celiac artery for extent 1 and 5 thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms had satisfactory results in selected patients at high risk for open repair. Visceral ischemia did not occur, but spinal cord ischemia is still high at 6%. At midterm follow-up, neither endoleak development nor aortic reintervention was related to the inadequate distal landing zone. Follow-up survival is satisfactory and comparable to open repair.

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