Insulin Neuritis and Effect of Pregabalin

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Insulin neuritis (IN) is a rare condition that results in acute painful neuropathy. It occurs classically in patients with diabetes mellitus with uncontrolled sugar levels who are started on insulin therapy leading to a precipitous normalization of blood sugar levels. The condition is heralded by severe and generalized burning pain along with significant weight loss and mood issues. The diagnosis is mainly clinical and the etiology of IN remains obscure.

Methods and Results:

We report on 2 cases who developed acute and excruciating neuropathic pain after institution of insulin therapy for poorly controlled diabetes mellitus. Both showed elucidate classical features of IN.

Conclusions and Relevance:

IN is a self-limited condition. Early recognition can lead to institution of appropriate therapy, which includes pain control and withholding insulin. Most cases do not require any work-up and resolve spontaneously.

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