Rhinoplasty Setsquare Device: A Novel Instrument to Verify Columellar and Nasal Dorsal Position at the Midsagittal Line

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Even a mild degree of postoperative deviation of the nasal dorsum and/or columella from the midsagittal plane could be enough to displease a patient. Postoperative judgment of the nasal dorsum and the columellar positioning on the midsagittal plane is somewhat of a subjective decision determined by the surgeons’ naked eye. Most innovations tend to evolve from necessities. The risk and reality of misjudging the positioning for both the nasal dorsum and/or the columella led me to develop a device for the objective measurement of the midsagittal axis of the nose. I have called it the rhinoplasty setsquare device. This device is made from 316 quality stainless chrome. It is completely sterilizable. It consists of 4 main parts. During the finishing touches of the operation, the correct placement of the rhinoplasty setsquare device will provide the surgeon with an objective decision that will help make the positioning of the nasal dorsum and the columella more precise. When I conducted my research on literature and device catalogs for possible devices designed for measurement in rhinoplasty operations, I ran into devices such as the Castroviejo caliper, calibrated lateral crus stabilizer, Joseph measuring rod, and Thorpe Marchac caliper. All of them are unique in their function and design. However, as far as I could see, there is no device similar in form and function to my rhinoplasty setsquare device. I have been using this device for 8 months for all my rhinoplasty patients. I am more confident now in my postoperative results due to its objective measurement of the midsagittal line.

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