Disparity in RN disciplinary actions by gender

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DEPENDING ON the source consulted, the total number of male RNs comprises approximately 9% of RNs in the State of Texas.1 Nationally, the number is reportedly between 7% and 11%.2,3 Given that male nurses occupy such a small niche in the overall number of RNs in Texas, it should follow that disciplinary actions occur in reasonable proportion to the total number of RNs. However, some evidence suggests that male nurses are being disciplined far out of proportion to their overall workforce percentage.4,5
This exploratory study researched the actions of state boards of nursing (BONs) on male licensees in several states, including Texas, and compared the rates at which male and female RNs were disciplined. The purpose was to investigate apparent disparities of licensure sanction between male and female RNs. The type of offense that resulted in licensure action was also captured for analysis.
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