JAAOS at 25 Years

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In the fall of 1993, the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS) debuted as a bimonthly, clinical peer-reviewed journal. The mission of JAAOS was to improve patient care by offering orthopaedic surgeons current, trusted content on musculoskeletal conditions. That mission endures. Today, JAAOS is the #1 clinical review journal of musculoskeletal education in the world, with peer-reviewed articles that critically evaluate and synthesize current information regarding the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions and document the current state of orthopaedic practice.
In 1993, JAAOS appeared in one color—it was the “Yellow Journal.” Today, JAAOS comes in three colors: Yellow, Green, and Blue. The core of JAAOS Yellow has been and remains review articles, but in December 2015 we launched JAAOS Research—the green section, which is overseen by former JAAOS Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey S. Fischgrund, MD. JAAOS Green offers balanced, clinically focused, original scientific research and case reports. JAAOS Research allows the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) to focus on the changing needs of its worldwide membership and the global scientific community. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Fischgrund and the editorial board, 27 articles were published in JAAOS Green in 2016, and that number will grow by 50% this year, for a total of 42 published research articles or case reports in 2017.
JAAOS Global Research & Reviews—the Blue journal—is the official open access journal of the AAOS. This peer-reviewed international journal debuted in Spring 2017 offering articles of particular interest to the orthopaedic community worldwide. JAAOS Blue is published online only, at www.jaaosglobal.org. Our International Advisory Board comprises representatives from orthopaedic associations and societies in seven countries on four continents. The members of the International Advisory Board provide insight regarding the educational needs of orthopaedic surgeons worldwide, aid in identifying potential authors and peer reviewers in the international orthopaedic community, and serve as a sounding board on how well JAAOS Global Research & Reviews serves its intended audience.
In 1993, JAAOS came to you in one format: print. Today, the online version is the version of record. Abstracts, articles, images, and tables are accessible in print, online at www.jaaos.org, and via iPad through the App Store. Videos are accessible at www.jaaos.org and through the iPad app. Online publication allows early availability of articles in our Advance Access feature at www.jaaos.org before the fully compiled issue is distributed.
We have also accelerated the number of studies we make available to you. In 2016, JAAOS published a record number of pages—nearly 20% of those Online Exclusive. Online Exclusive articles undergo the same stringent peer-review process as print articles and are also cited in PubMed. These articles are prioritized for publication, appearing as the earliest Advance Access articles in each issue of the Journal. As our lives move more and more online, expect JAAOS to do the same, with increased amounts of content available online only—accessible anytime, anywhere.
We have continued to expand our efforts to provide educational benefits to our members and readers. For some time now, JAAOS has been providing self-assessment CME programs for Academy members, and we have recently begun doing more. JAAOS offers two SAE CME modules per year, with questions written by Deputy Editor Christopher M. Bono, MD. This year, the Journal expands its CME offering with the debut of article-based CME, with questions written by Deputy Editor Norman Y. Otsuka, MD.
JAAOS Plus webinars offer another benefit, adding value to articles with presentations by the authors and the Journal’s Deputy Editors. These free, well-attended, one-hour webinars open up topics for wide-ranging, insightful discussion, providing question-and-answer sessions with the authors as well as interactive survey questions.
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