Longing for homeliness: exploring mealtime experiences of patients suffering from a neurological disease

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Patients suffering from a neurological disease experience a high number of eating difficulties 1. For these patients, mealtime is associated with difficulties with handling food on the plate, transporting food to the mouth, chewing, and swallowing 3. For many patients afflicted with a neurological disease, a lack of energy, and aberrant eating speeds occur 4. Experiencing these difficulties during mealtimes is not without consequences. Studies have shown that eating difficulties reduce a patient's desire to participate in meals in public 7. However, when admitted to the hospital, it can be difficult for patients to decide whether they want to participate in meals with other patients 8. Supporting patients suffering from a neurological disease during mealtimes is essential because these patients are particularly vulnerable with regard to having a positive mealtime experience 6. Hence, it is important to understand a neurological patient's experiences, wishes, needs, and thoughts regarding the care and treatment provided by the health care system 9.
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