Fatal stroke afterBothropssnakebite in the Amazonas state, Brazil: A case report

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Bothrops atrox is the snake responsible for the majority of snakebites in the Brazilian Amazon. Patients generally evolve to local manifestations such as edema, pain and ecchymoses. Systemic effects of B. atrox venom are usually restricted to blood incoagulability and spontaneous bleeding. However, in a few cases, bleeding in the central nervous system may occur, which can lead to sequels and deaths. Here, we report a case of a 59 year-old woman who presented edema, pain and ecchymoses on the right foot, headache, nausea, diarrhea, hypertension and blood incoagulability after the bite by Bothrops snake in the Brazilian Amazon. This case evolved with stroke resulting in death despite the antivenom and conservative therapy employed. In addition, we were able to identify the presence of venom in the patient's brain tissue after death. Direct action of toxins present in the snake's venom in the induction of systemic hemorrhage allied to blood incoagulability and hypertension presented by the patient could be involved in the mechanism of stroke in this case.

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