Enucleation or exenteration in two dogs with previous parotid duct transposition: parotid duct ligation versus reverse parotid duct transposition.

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Two dogs with previous parotid duct transpositions presented with unrelated ocular disease. In both cases, ophthalmic examination revealed the need for enucleation or exenteration. In case 1, systemic coccidioidomycosis was diagnosed with panuveitis and secondary glaucoma of the left eye. In this case, the parotid duct was ligated at the time of enucleation to stop salivary secretions. This dog encountered morbidity in the form of a sialocele that did not resolve for 11 months. In case 2, ultrasound and computed tomography revealed a discrete mass within the left medial orbit that was suspected to arise from the nictitating membrane. A combination of exenteration and parotid duct transposition reversal was performed to avoid morbidity associated with ligation of the parotid duct. The dog encountered no complications from this novel procedure. This case report represents the first report of re-routing a transposed parotid duct from the ventral conjunctival sac back to the mouth at the time of enucleation or exenteration in the dog.

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