Open access database of raw ultrasonic signals acquired from malignant and benign breast lesions

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The aim of this paper is to provide access to a database consisting of the raw radio-frequency ultrasonic echoes acquired from malignant and benign breast lesions. The database is freely available for study and signal analysis.

Acquisition and validation methods:

The ultrasonic radio-frequency echoes were recorded from breast focal lesions of patients of the Institute of Oncology in Warsaw. The data were collected between 11/2013 and 10/2015. Patients were examined by a radiologist with 18 yr' experience in the ultrasonic examination of breast lesions. The set of data includes scans from 52 malignant and 48 benign breast lesions recorded in a group of 78 women. For each lesion, two individual orthogonal scans from the pathological region were acquired with the Ultrasonix SonixTouch Research ultrasound scanner using the L14-5/38 linear array transducer. All malignant lesions were histologically assessed by core needle biopsy. In the case of benign lesions, part of them was histologically assessed and another part was observed over a 2-year period.

Data format and usage notes:

The radio-frequency echoes were stored in Matlab file format. For each scan, the region of interest was provided to correctly indicate the lesion area. Moreover, for each lesion, the BI-RADS category and the lesion class were included. Two code examples of data manipulation are presented. The data can be downloaded via the Zenodo repository ( or the website˜hpiotrzk.

Potential applications:

The database can be used to test quantitative ultrasound techniques and ultrasound image processing algorithms, or to develop computer-aided diagnosis systems.

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