Use of Hypochlorous Acid as a Preoperative Antiseptic Before Placement of Dermal Fillers: An Alternative to the Standard Options

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The use of antiseptics in the preparation of surgical sites helps decrease pathogen loads and therefore the risk of postoperative infections. In the case of cosmetic fillers, the practitioner must be aware of the possibility of acute and chronic infections in addition to the formation of granulomas and biofilms. Given the emergence of longer lasting fillers, prevention of infection at the time of injection has become an even more pressing concern. Should the patient develop any of these sequelae, they are at risk of increased pain, swelling, induration, asymmetry, and discoloration, which can be prolonged, and scarring, which is permanent. Oral and intravenous antibiotics may be required, exposing the patient to potential side effects of the medication and turning a cosmetic procedure into a concerning medical issue. To minimize these risks, the practitioner should follow hygienic technique, including the use of an antiseptic before injection of the filler.
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