Melanoma in situ of penis: a very rare entity

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Melanoma in situ of the penis is very rare and there are no clear guidelines for its surgical treatment.

Patient concerns:

The authors describe the case of a 69-year-old man who presented with an asymptomatic brown macula on his glans penis and foreskin that appeared about 8 years earlier, enlarged in the last few months.


A diagnostic biopsy showed the characteristics of a melanoma in situ.


The authors decided to excise the lesion keeping a healthy margin of 1 cm all over around except close to the urethral meatus, where it was impossible, and where only 5 mm of free margin was excised. A full thickness mucosal graft from oral cavity was performed to repair the defect.


No recurrence or metastasis occurred during 50 months after the operation.


Considering that at the sixth clinical follow-up the patient was alive and disease free at 50 months after surgery, the chosen treatment has proved successful.

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